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Skyhio Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Durban Poison 1ml

Skyhio Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Durban Poison 1ml

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The well-known and tasty strain, Durban Poison (DB), is now available in a Skyhio D8 vape cartridge, so you can easily enjoy the deliciousness it is known for. Do not try and resist to add Durban Poison D8 to your cart collection because you will be missing out big time.

When you pick up DP you enjoy the satisfying flavors of sour citrus with a pungent sweet herbal finish. Doubtlessly hands down it is the best flavor fusion that results in a marvellous expansion of the mind with positive energy to spark creativity and boost the spirit.

Durban Poison has a long history and simply cannot be omitted in a discussion of worldwide cannabis strains. It’s origins can be traced as far back as the 14th century and originates in Durban, South Africa. By the 1970’s, this famous strain began to make its way to Europe and the U.S. Since then, DB has been used to breed other respectable hybrid strains such as Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.

Terpinolene, myrcene and caryophyllene are the three most prominent terpenes in the Durban Poison strain. Terpinolene is said to be just over three fourths of the terpene profile of DB. It offers the energetic piney aromas and some hints of citrus. Myrcene and caryophyllene offer relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects and more.

Skyhio carts contain 1ml of 95% pure D8-THC extract derived from hemp and 5% botanical derived terpenes specific to the DB strain. Cartridges are made with a glass tank and a ceramic coil for the best tasting and pure vaping experience.

Skyhio Delta 8-THC 1ml carts commonly contain +/- 900mg of Δ8. Evaluations of various batches have tested in greater values. Each batch can vary. Skyhio Δ8 is a high concentration product and due to high purity, vapor will be harsh when inhaled. Try to inhale slowly and take small puffs to test comfort. Avoid more than three (3) seconds per puff.

Use Skyhio carts with 510 vape batteries that are low voltage or variable voltage only. Carts can be activated by breath or button incitation. Store cartridges in moderate room temperatures and always in an upright position to avoid leakage.

What is Delta 8 THC?
Cannabinoids are chemical compounds secreted from cannabis plants as resin. They have the ability to interact with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that occurs in much smaller concentrations than most other cannabinoids.

Delta 8 is an isomer that forms as Delta-9 THC ages and oxidizes. This process increases the stability of the Δ8 molecular structure so that it does not degrade as easily and lasts much longer over time.

Delta-8 THC and Delta 9-THC contain similarities in their molecular structure. Both contain double bonds, but D8 contains the bond on the 8th carbon chain and not on the 9th. For that reason, D8 and D9 THC react similarly within the Endocannabinoid receptors in the body as a result of their similar presentation of structure and properties.

D8 requires an intricate process of extraction, isolation, conversion, and refinement. With Δ8 there are benefits and effects to serve both medicinal and recreational consumers. Because D8 occurs in smaller concentrations, it’s common to see it sold in the form of distillates or edibles.

The compound Δ8 legally derives from hemp and contains less than 0.3% Δ9-THC in accordance with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the 2018 Farm Bill). Within the Bill, it states that all derivatives, isomers, and cannabinoids in hemp are federally legal provided that all final products contain less than 0.3% D9 THC.

  • If you are subject to routine drug screenings, do not consume Δ8-THC.
  • Each state has its own separate laws regarding hemp products. Please be aware of the laws within your state/province of residence.
  • Psychotropic potency of Delta 8 THC will often vary. For this reason, please do not operate a vehicle after consuming Δ8 products.
  • Consult your doctor before use.

Product Size
1ml of Δ8 oil

Suggested Use
To discover the amount of Delta-8 THC that is right for you, we recommend that you begin with a slow single pull from the mouthpiece of the cartridge. Wait 10 minutes and then gradually increase your intake as needed. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

D8 THC distillate, botanical derived terpenes

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