Collection: Pocket Guru

Essential oils have been used for a millenia to heal and have a profound effect on our emotional state. Neuroscience has shown that while it takes 30 days to create a habit, it takes a total of 67 to completely dissolve your old negative habits and lock your new habit while creating new neuropathways! It’s truly possible and can happen again and again once you learn how!

And this is where the Pocket Guru comes in! By using our carefully formulated essential oil blend we are able to use the olfactory system to carry your positive affirmations to your brain, body, mind and soul and create lifelong positivity that allows you to invite so much positivity! Mark your start date on your calendar and check it off every day when you sit quietly with your Pocket Guru affirmations and watch the shift as increased awareness of your dreams and ways to take action pours into your life!