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Holiday Essential Oil BOGO Trio Sets

Holiday Essential Oil BOGO Trio Sets

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Would you like to have the perfect oils for the holidays and New Year? 

These combinations are perfect for finding your perfect diffuser blends and creating your own essential oil gifts like sugar scrubs and bath oils. 

🌿 Frankincense for relieving stress, fear & depression while
encouraging peace. Add to lotions/ skin to encourage cell regeneration. 

🌟 Spruce is uplifting, while helping with aches, pains. Great for respiratory symptoms.

🍊Sweet Orange inspires joy and blends well with almost any other oil. 

🌿 Peppermint is energizing oil that aids in calming an upset
stomach and helps relieve headaches, especially
when blended with lavender.

💜 Lavender relieves stress, calms the mind and eases minor
skin irritations.

💐 Pink Grapefruit has a fresh, light, citrus, sweet aroma and blends well with other citrus oils, particularly Bergamot.

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