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Holiday Special! Frankincense, Spruce, Sweet Orange Trio

Holiday Special! Frankincense, Spruce, Sweet Orange Trio

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Are you looking for the perfect intro into essential oils for this winter? We're here to make it simple for you!Ā 

šŸ’› FrankincenseĀ can relieve stress, fear and ease depression whileĀ invitingĀ peace into our lives! This oil is also wonderful helping to repair damaged skin. Add a couple of drops to your facial lotion and put a drop on your heart daily for longevity. Is wonderful blended with Spruce & Sweet Orange!

šŸ’šĀ Spruce is like walking through the forest! This oil is uplifting and can help ease aches and pains. It's also helpful for relieving respiratory issues.

šŸ§”Ā Sweet OrangeĀ is a unique oil created from the peel here in Greece! It has a bright, sweet, citrus, orange peel-like aroma. Citrus oils are known to brighten the mood and increase joy in your day!

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