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Ikarian blue zone online cooking class ~ February 4th 2024

Ikarian blue zone online cooking class ~ February 4th 2024

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We know that many of you are wondering about the pie you saw Eleni preparing in the beginning of episode 3. When it comes to pies, you hardly find someone disagreeing that Spanakopita is considered as the King of the savory pies. Although "Spanakopita" in Greek means "Spinach pie", its Ikaria - blue zone version has much more ingredients than just spinach. So besides nice fresh spinach it also contains a variety of vegetables and herbs which makes it a very nutrient rich food. It also contains feta cheese, which in its genuine form is a highly fermented cheese, rich in probiotic flora. Spanakopita becomes a unique food with amazing taste when it is made from homemade filo as we have. This gives you the option of using high quality ingredients in the filo dough. Would you like to join this virtual workshop and learn how to prepare it? From your lovely kitchen at home, along with George and Eleni on an online connection? Do not miss out!

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