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Lipid Gold Full Spectrum with CBDa, CBGa, and CBD

Lipid Gold Full Spectrum with CBDa, CBGa, and CBD

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Our high quality, Lipid Infused Full Spectrum CBD Oil has the vital Hemp cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to add balance to your wellness regimen. If you prefer the effects of legal micro-doses of THC, along with other Hemp phyto-compounds + a pop beneficial cannabinoids, you'll love this product!

🌟Please note that all of our products are in compliance with the federal hemp laws.

🌟Our FULL Spectrum products do have legal micro-dose amounts of THC. This amount is under .3% and does not have the intoxicating effects of a THC rich cannabis product. 

🌟Our Lipid Infused is like nothing else on the market. This is as close to the fresh pressed hemp plant as you can get with enough heat to activate cannabinoids but not kill of the much needed beneficial CBDa & CBGa. 

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